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Military Gas Mask Pouch - Surplus Bag
  Military Gas Mask Pouch
These surplus military bags are unused and unissued, in like new condition. Featuring multiple interior compartments and 'strap-downs' as well as a medium sized exterior pocket. Velcro and button enclosures keep the contents secure.more info
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Black Hawk Bag - Versatile
    Black Hawk Bag
The Black Hawk bag is the ultimate in versatility and modern design. It features a stiff strap for your belt loop and an adjustable leg strap, keeping the bag tight to your leg. Made of extremely durable tactical nylon
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    Butyl Gas Mask Hood
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40mm Adapter

MSA Bayonet to 40mm Filter Adapter Kit
Converts the 'bayonet' style port of the MSA Advantage 1000 and Advantage 3200 to the standard 40mm (M-95) filters. more info

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  MSA Advantage Side Cap
This cap seals the unused side (opposite the filter) on the MSA Advantage 1000 and Advantage 3200 masks. The cap is included with our masks, and you don't need to buy another one, but some retailers do not include it so we're offering it seperately.
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Chem Tape is used for sealing a chemical suit

Chem Tape
The first adhesive tape designed & tested specifically for chemical protective clothing applications. Chem-TapeŽ is a comfortable, hand-tearable, high chemical barrier closure & attachment tape system designed for sealing seams between protective suits & gloves, boots, etc. more info
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Pro Ki Radiation Protection
The FDA has known for decades that taking potassium iodide (KI) during a radiation emergency prevents cancer.Potassium Iodide “Known to Cut Risk of Thyroid Cancer” -FDA
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Deluxe General Use PVC Overshoes (Black)

Deluxe PVC Overboot
Injection molded, seamless construction for 100% waterproof protection.
• Designed with less material in the upper eliminating unnecessary weight, for reduced leg fatigue.
• For longer life more material is added to the sole at the greatest wear points: heel, toe & cleats.

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Chemi Pro Latex Gloves

Chemi Pro Latex Gloves
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Raditect Gamma Radiation Alarm - Early Warning System

Raditect II Radiation Detector and Alarm
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NexGen Coverall Chemical Suit - Holds OUt 99% of All Particles

Protective Clothing

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