Tyvek Chemical Suit

Price: $18.99

Tyvek Chemical Suit
  • Patented Dupont Tyvek® material.
  • Strong and lightweight, with broad chemical barrier.
  • One Style Available - Each garment has been manufactured to meet the DuPont European standards, which includes: respirator fit hood, elastic wrist and ankles, and storm flap over zipper.
  • Seams: Bound, Color: White
Practically anywhere in industry, Tyvek spunbonded olefin by DuPont has been hailed for years. It has served reliably as the unique material that imparts high strength, flexibility, durability, great barrier qualities and wearer comfort to protective clothing. Tyvek® by DuPont improves the great protective features previous generations offered. Superior barrier, durability and breathability leave competitive materials far behind. Competitive materials possess poor levels of barrier durability or excessive porosity, so they offer much lower barrier protection. Tyvek delivers the best possible balance of performance you can get.

When the hazard assessment consists of potential for exposure to the FBI’s Toxic Industrial Chemicals most likely to be used in a terrorists threat, we suggest consideration of CPF 3 or the CPF 4 since permeation data is available on a muchbroader spectrum of chemicals including chemical warfare agents.