Tyvek Type F Chemical Suit

Price: $48.99

Respirator fit hood, integral boot covers, elastic wrists, storm flap zipper

Tyvek Type F Chemical Suit
  • A patented barrier laminated to a Tyvek® substrate.
  • Strong and lightweight, with broad chemical barrier.
  • Used for protection from chemical warfare agents.
  • Each garment has been manufactured to meet the DuPont European standards, which includes: taped seams, respirator fit hood, elastic wrist and ankles, and storm flap over zipper.
  • Seams: Taped, Color: Gray
  • Respirator Fit - style of protective suits that includes a close fitting hood designed to work with gas masks. This style offers the maximum amount of protection possible without costly SCBA / supplied air & fully encapsulated setups.
Because Tyvek® Pro-Tech® F garments are only available with respiratory fit hood, storm flap and taped seams, these garments are intended for domestic preparedness situations where the potential for exposure to chemical warfare agents exists. When the hazard assessment consists of potential for exposure to the FBI’s Toxic Industrial Chemicals most likely to be used in a terrorists threat, we suggest consideration of CPF 3, CPF 4 since permeation data is available on a much broader spectrum of chemicals including chemical warfare agents.