Tychem® SL - Saranex Chemical Suit

Price: $38.99

Respirator fit hood, integral boot covers, elastic wrists, storm flap zipper

Tychem® SL - Saranex Chemical Suit
  • Lightweight fabric made of Tyvek® laminated with chemical-resistant Dow Saranex 23P film.
  • Dependable protection against a broad spectrum of chemicals.
  • Available in a variety of garment and seam types to provide great protection against hazardous particles and liquids.
  • Strong fabric is rugged, durable, reduced tears & abrasion risk.
  • Seams: Bound Color: White
  • Typical Applications: petrochemical manufacturing, waste management, industrial plants, hazardous material response, emergency medical response, paint spraying,radioactive environments, environmental cleanups and other emergency services.
  • Commonly used in domestic preparedness for protection from biohazards, several toxic industrial chemicals and some chemical warfare agents.