CPF® 3 Performance Chemical Suit

Price: $98.99

Respirator fit hood, integral boot covers, elastic wrists, storm flap zipper

CPF3 Chemical Suit
  • A multi-layer film barrier laminated to a durable 2.0 oz/yd2 polypropylene substrate.
  • Provides barrier to a broad range of chemicals.
  • Strong & durable for rigorous activities & rugged situations involving moderate liquid splash.
  • Taped Seams - far greater protection than bound seams, fabric is bonded / sealed creating a nonporous seam. Color: Tan
  • Respirator Fit - style of protective suits that includes a close fitting hood designed to work with gas masks. This style offers the maximum amount of protection possible without costly SCBA / supplied air & fully encapsulated setups.
Typical Applications: chemical handling, petro-chemical, hazardous materials/waste clean-up, fire departments, industrial hazmat teams, utilities, and domestic preparedness. Commonly used in domestic preparedness for situations where the potential to exposure to chemicals exist.