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M-95 10yr long-life NBC filter 6 pack
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M-95 NBC Long Life Filter - Full Protection

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M-95 NBC long-life filter

  • Full protection against all known biological and chemical agents
  • Third party tested against chemical warfare gases
  • Excellent protection against Sarin (and its surrogate DMMP)
  • Nylon body offers valuable permeation resistance to mustard gas
  • Particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is
    appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
  • Exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance.
  • Approved for use with: OV/AM/MA/CD/CL/FM/HC/HF/SD/HE
  • Manufactured in a sealed bag with a long 10 year shelf life.
  • Part# M-70005 NIOSH TC-84A-3320 - Made in 02, expiration: 9/2012

    This is the only filter that is actually called the "M-95". 40mm NATO threaded

The M95 NBC filter protects against: Chemical and biological warfare agents like sarin and other nerve gases; mustard gas, cyanogen, arsine and phosgene; radioactive and highly toxic particles; aerosols and micro-organisms; bacteria and viruses. Many industrial gases (type A2B2E2) according to EN 141, i.e. organic gases and vapours, inorganic gases and vapours, e.g. chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulphide, organic and inorganic acids, such as formic acid, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride. Agents such as anthrax, sarin, smallpox, mustard gas and more.

Technical features of the M'95 filter: Dimensions H90mm D109mm
Weight 250g. Thread NATO/EN 148-1, 40 mm. Casing material- Reinforced polyamide.

The M'95 is a battlefield proven design, with a long 10 year shelf life.
With a large constant turnover, we stock only the latest filters available.

Note: The latest production M-95 filters have changed to this new color
code sticker from the traditional 'rainbow' striped sticker.


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