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Military Gas Masks
SGE 400 Full Facepiece GasMask
SGE 400
State of the art gas mask uses standard 40mm NATO threaded filters, and is our most economical mask with full NIOSH approvals for NBC use more info
SGE 400/3 Full Facepiece GasMask
SGE 400/3
Indentical to the SGE 400, but with three filter ports allowing for left, right or center mount more info
Advantage_1000 Flexible One Piece Gas Mask
Advantage 1000
The Advantage 1000 is a flexible,one piece polyurethane lens bonded to a durable Hycar rubber facepiece. Dual canister mounting system. 6 point elastic head harness. more info
Advantage 3200 Gas Mask With Full Facial Shield
Advantage 3200
The Advantage 3200 has a full facial shield, provides great visability and is ballistic hard polycarbonate. 6 point head harness and an effective voice emitter diaphragm. more info
SGE 400/3 Infinity Full Facepiece GasMask
SGE 400/3 Infinity Respirator Kit
All of the advantages of the SGE 400/3 (ballistic facepiece, chemical coating, 3 ports, but with an added NBC canteen and drinking system. more info
$187.50 Buy Now
SGE 100- - State of the Art Gas Mask
SGE 1000
State of the art gas mask uses standard 40mm NATO threaded filters,has NBC proof drinking system, and comes with NBC canteen specially designed for the SGE-1000. more info
M95 Respirator
The M95 respirator embodies the highest levels of efficiency and comfort in modern NBC protection and meets the most critical hazards and stresses encountered in combat or police situations.
more info
Millenium Gas Mask
Hycar version of the reliable MCU-2/P military gas mask used by the US Air Force and Navy in Desert Storm. The Millenium that combines high performance,
customized fit, comfort, and cost efficiency. more info $287.99
M40 FRM40 M-40 Military Full Respirator Gas Mask

3M FR-M40 Gas Mask
This is a brand new manufacture of the battlefield tested M-40 gas mask. This is the current issue mask for many branches of the US military. more info
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OptiFit Opti Fit Full Respirator Gas Mask

Opti-Fit Gas Mask
Brand new model is designed for unobstructed sight and reliability in tactical situations. Three sizes and port positions make this a versatile mask. more info
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NBCgasmask.com offers complete solutions for all your homeland security & personal protection needs. We specialize in providing state-of-the-art protective gear & are proud to be suppliers of protective equipment to the US government, US military, police departments nationwide, first responders, major corporations, individual civilians & their families (we have gas masks for kids & infants too!).

For government bids, wholesale ordering information & police department procurement, please refer to our wholesale page. Thank you for your interest in the NBC Gas Mask product line, we look forward to serving all of your protective equipment needs. We offer 24 hour shipping on nearly all in stock items & are proud to offer extremely competitive pricing. Check out our specials/best sellers page for our current list of products on sale.

Our PPE (personal protective equipment) product selection includes: Premium new respirators / gas masks (from MSA, Scott, SGE, NBC Safety, Tecno Pro, North Safety, Neoterik, Supergum, Draeger Safety, 3M & many more), SARS masks & other SARS protection products, emergency escape hoods, PAPR (powered gas masks) & hoods, children's gas mask, infant & child gas masks, chemical protective gloves (butyl gloves, chemi-pro gloves, silver shield gloves, etc.), chemical protective boots, over boots & footwear (hazproof boots, MK5 combat overshoes, PVC & butyl rubber overshoes, chem-bio overshoes, etc.), NBC tactical / military chemical warfare suits, & high-end chemical suits (carbon lined military suits, Tyvek, Tychem SL & Pro Tech Type F suits, Micromax, Nexgen, CPF 3, CPF 4 suits & many others are available).

Other domestic preparedness / homeland security products for sale include: Anti-radiation pills / potassium iodide pills & tablets (ProKi, Rad Block & others coming soon: Iosat, No Rad, Thyro Block, etc.) Radiation detection products like the Raditect 2 Early Warning Radiation Alarm, and our Hand-held Gamma Radiation Meter as well as chemical detection / WMD detection products like M9 & M8 chemical detection paper, MSA chemical detection pumps & tubes (available by request). We also carry forensic detection, drug detection & explosive detection sprays & field kits (for security professionals, law enforcement & police departments).

Survival accessories are also available: Survival gear, hunting knives, portable saws, strobe lights & other signaling devices, fire starting equipment, first aid / medical kits & more. Water purification tablets (Potable Aqua, PA Plus) & water filtration products from katadyn. MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) are coming soon.

Specialty items: We are proud to offer Safe Room & whole-room personal protection enclosures (no gas mask needed!). In addition, we have pet protection tents, pet shield & pet safe systems IN STOCK. (these systems work as a powered enclosure that you place your pet, inside their travel crate, inside the enclosure) These items are coming soon to our website, for now, please call for pricing.

Special requests: We are constantly adding items to our site, if you are seeking any protective equipment you cannot find online, simply send us an email to: sales@nbcgasmask.com or call for complete information.