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Israeli Youth Gas Mask
Kit Includes: New mask and sealed Israeli NBC filter
Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing
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Israeli Youth Gas Mask For Ages 8 and Up

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Mask Deluxe Kit:
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Includes: mask, NATO filter, extra US-made 10yr
M-95 filter


ISRAELI Youth Gas Mask

For children age 8 to adult size. Close fitting soft rubber gas masks with excellent respiratory and eye protection. Complete with filter. Indefinite shelf life.

The Israeli government has released a limited number of their second generation NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) gas masks for civilian purchase. Every vehicle, office and home should have one of these for each person to protect against biological disaster, nuclear accident or explosion, chemical spills or toxic fumes.

Filter can be changed without removing the mask and are good for hours of continuous use. Each gas mask comes complete with filter, additional filters can be purchased below. All Israeli gas masks and filters are in unused condition with no warranties given.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of age or validity on these filters. For guaranteed protection, there is only one 40mm filter on the market, the M95 NBC Cartridge (one included in our Deluxe Kit).


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