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NBC Escape Hood - (3yrs - adult)

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NBC Escape Hood - Child Size

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NBC Escape Hood - Baby & Adult Size
A reliable NBC escape system developed by the same company who designed & produced NASA’s astronaut suits & over 1 million masks for all branches of the U.S. military. The NBC escape hood’s unique design allows for normal speaking & hearing, permits use of telephones, cell phones, & other communication devices. Produces minimal pressure on neck from the neckdam. Operates 4 hours using included battery pack.

FOOLPROOF: No Training Required. - Simply Open & Put It On
AFFORDABLE: The protection of a powered air system without the $750+ price or training
COMFORTABLE: Lightweight, Great fit with almost no pressure on the face, Large clear visor
TRUSTED PROTECTION: Protects against chemical warfare agents, biological,
radiological, and nuclear inhalation particulates

• Equals or exceeds performance of current U.S. military C2A1 filters.
• Visor and hood materials tested against agents GB, HD, and VX.
• Positive pressure hood is ideal for people with respiratory ailments, beards, long hair, or glasses.
• Clear wide vision hood & so lightweight, it’s virtually indiscernible, plus it has NO uncomfortable nosecup (as in most un-blown hoods).
• AUTOMATIC BLOWER ACTUATION Fool-proof operation. Blower automatically starts when hood is removed from case. User only has to put on the hood to be protected.
• NO NOSECUP Eliminates sizing difficulties. Dramatically improves communication even with telephones, cell phones & other equipment
• BLOWER INDICATOR LIGHT Allows users (including hearing impaired individuals) to determine that product is operating
• LOW DUROMETER NECKDAM (not on baby model) One size fits all (ages 3 to adult). Beards/glasses/long hair accommodated easily. Not possible with faceseal mask. Very comfortable.
• CLEAR HOOD/LARGE VISOR Allows user to perform a wide range of tasksincluding reading, driving, etc. Allows facial recognition.
• QUIET 45 LPM BLOWER Delivers reliable protection with no training. Eases physiologicalburden on user. Reduces claustrophobic feelings associated with other hoods.
• EXHAUST VALVE The integral exhaust valve regulates/maintains positive pressure within the hood.
• POLYCARBONATE BLOWER CONSTRUCTION Made of high strength, durable materials.
• FILTER CANISTER Military grade canister provides protection against a range of militaryagents per MIL-PRF-51560. HEPA filter provides biological/radiological/particulate protection.
• SEALED CASE Five-year shelf life. Eliminates need to perform any operations (e.g. filter plug removal) after removing product from package.


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